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The First Year of Our REIGN

The First Year of Our REIGN is a compilation of the first six supplements in one full color file.

The Second Year of Our REIGN

The Second Year of Our REIGN is an integrated, color document containing another year of REIGN expansions.

The Third Year of Our REIGN

The Third Year of Our REIGN brings the collections of REIGN material fully up to date.

Supplement Sixteen:
Grab Bag

Grab Bag is just what it sounds like: A disparate collection of new nifty bits. Want to know how to resolve an unkillable monster attacking an entire army? It has those rules. Need some new creepy cults, complete with confounding agendas and real occult effects? It has those too. It also contains the notorious " Path of the Crazy Motherfucker." Something for everyone.

Supplement Fifteen:
Out of the Violent Planet

Out of the Violent Planet. This mini-setting takes present-day Earth and posits its discovery by alien empires whose typical diplomatic style is to use telepathy to break new races into brain-synched slavery. They have no idea how to deal with an independent and psi-blind species that has spoken language and gunpowder weapons. Does tragedy ensue, or comedy? That"s up to your players and their rag-tag group of gundaddies, criminal psychics and rogue xenthropologists.

Supplement Fourteen:

The Land of Ardwin is another REIGN mini-setting for use with the REIGN rules. More, though, it gives you a toolkit for the traditional fantasy races. Ardwin is home to orcs, elves, dwarves and more, ready to step into their traditional roles. At the same time, it can serve to examine why they occupy those roles, and what the impact of biology and society are on orcish bloodlust and elfin hauteur.

Supplement Thirteen:

The Kingdom of Nain is an entirely new setting for use with the REIGN rules. An isolated land of wizards, monsters and mysterious schemes, Nain presents a uniquely flexible magic system... for those with the natural gift to seize it.

Supplement Twelve:
The Ussient Forest

Supplement 12 has what you need to run adventures in a Helusan forest you never knew existed. Lying across the trade routes between the Ironbone Theocracy and mainland Heluso, the Ussient Forest contains trees the size of mountains, birds the size of horses, and egos as big as all outdoors.

Supplement Eleven:
The Works

Did someone ask for crunchy, techy rules-stuff? Supplement 11 has nothing but. An alternate combat system lets you script events after seeing how good your hit was. Moreover, the guts of Esoteric Disciplines are laid bare for potential players and game moderators to rummage through, like Roman priests searching for the future in sheep intestines. Um. By which I mean you can build (or randomize) your own Esoteric Disciplines. Potentially, there are 100,000 paths for each Skill. Naturally, advice for implementation comes along with this dizzying power.

Supplement Ten:
Pirates, Harlots and Storms

If you want ideas for your next REIGN game, open up Supplement 10. It contains three very different campaign frameworks, appropriate for courtly worldshakers, lecherous pirates, or cunning criminals. In addition to player handouts for those aforementioned world-shakers, Supplement 10 also has rules for modeling desperate man against nature conflicts aboard storm-wracked ships.

Supplement Nine:
Full of Secrets

Everyone has something to hide, from sorcerers seeking perfect bodies (and the destruction of The Empire), to Opetkan mirror mages, to commonplace thieves and adulterers running away with a set of dedicated, tactical chase rules. Also, some handy reference sheets. Also, coins. All in Supplement 9.

Supplement Eight:
The Eastern War

The Empire's most obvious threat is the Maemeck Matriarchy, described here in detail, including the despised Quellers. Though the nation's security depends on them, these anti-mages are held in low regard within their homeland as without. In contrast, the notorious Crimson Guard are showered with rewards, and all that's asked in exchange is their faces, their lives, and their absolute loyalty. Other bagatelles, such as maps that conform to 'traditional' physics and an insight into Upunzi math, are also to be found in Supplement 8.


Character Sheets

Original Character Sheet
8.5" x 11"

Revised Character Sheet
8.5" x 11" | A4

Revised Character Sheet, with Blank Spaces
8.5" x 11" | A4

Company Reference Sheet

(Download .pdf)

REIGN Errata

Nothing in this world is perfect, and that’s particularly true of a book that has the note “See page 98” on page 98. Thanks to the vigilance of the fan community, a number of mistakes, contradictions and plain ol’ perplexities have been spotted in REIGN, and in the file below, they’re addressed.

Download the REIGN errata


Supplement One

(Download .zip)

That didn’t take too long, now did it? Just click the link in the header and you can enjoy Assets, Black Thirst and creepy shadow warlocks in your REIGN game.

Supplement Two: People of the Blade

(Download .zip)

People of the Blade adds details to two of Heluso’s most warlike cultures -- Dindavara and the Western Marches. It contains…

Two complete sets of Martial Techniques, one for hellishly huge battle-swords, one for paired short swords.

Smoke Sculpting, the Marchers' magic of creating instant buildings and tools out of nothing more than common smoke.

One Roll Dindavarans, another addition to the popular one-roll character generation charts.

Stoneheart Guardians, a Dindavaran order of sorcerer monks who sacrifice their dreams, feelings and weaknesses on the altar of their god's will.

The Doom of Swords

(Download .zip)

The Doom of Swords is a short story tied in to Supplement #2,
explaining the history of a pair of sword fighting styles. Between deception, adultery and war, there's plenty of sword fight motivation in it.

Supplement Three: Secrets of Sorcery

(Download .zip)

Ransomed in under a week, this supplement includes the following material.

Do-It-Yourself Magic. Guidelines to adding new spells to the existing Helusan and Milondese styles.

School Building. Step-by-step instructions on creating entirely new systems of REIGN magic.

The Conjoining Priests of Setekesh. An example build, complete with giants, human sacrifice and the ready possibility of flying monkeys.

Creatures. Hey, everyone loves new monsters, right?

Supplement Four: Owners of the Seas

(Download .zip)

If you missed it on the frontpage — another REIGN supplement is available for download right now.

° A discussion of Ob-lob culture, values, religion and habits.

° Two sets of their martial secrets, both for unarmed fighting and for using wickedly sharp 'hell hooks.'

° Aqueous Divination, a system of magical fortune-telling, along with discussion of just how to handle foreknowledge in your game.

° One-Roll Ob-lob character generation.

Supplement FIVE:
The Ruhini Desert

(Download .zip)

This REIGN supplement fleshes out the continent of Milonda, specifically its Ruhini Desert. It's home to eye-eating immortal oligarchs, religious prudes living side-by-side with lewd criminals, alligators, wind boats, incense and the world's most effective magical healing. Have fun.

Supplement Six:
By Popular Demand

(Download .zip)

I polled the fans about the order in which they wanted to see some of my completed material, and the result was Supplement Six. New Advantages, new Esoteric Disciplines (including at least one for every Skill that lacked one in the main rule book) and riding mounts based on the Cambrian super-predator Anomalocaris.

Supplement Seven:
By Additional Popular Demand

More feedback from fans indicated that one-roll Ulds and Truils should find a home in Supplement 7. Also included: Unit-based tactical combat and an adorable little short story.

Port Cities

There's been discussion about port cities in REIGN's unusually-shaped setting continents. Since I'm just now starting a game based around a boat, I’ve created some handouts for my players, which I'm also putting here. Remember, I'm a writer, not an artist: Judge accordingly.

Muhulc, a city in Opetka.

Darkport, the northernmost Confederate port of consequence.



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