The Obligatory Links Page

A noun is a person, place or thing. Nowadays, most nouns have web sites and, therefore, must be linked to, else what’s an Internet for? Here are some significant nouns.


It’s all about people, isn’t it?

Jonathan Tweet

My mentor, advisor and friend. His web site is

Ken Hite

Another friend, another gamer, another voice of reason. On Gaming Report he analyzes the game industry, reviews product, and is witty. Click here to absorb his grooviness. Or just type in that whole mess if you need finger exercise.

John Tynes

How many of these gamer guys are named John, Jon or Jonathan? My comrade, enabler, and coauthor for Unknown Armies. is now dormant, but you know the old line about what can eternally sleeping lie, right?

Robin Laws

On the designer of Feng Shui periodically dissects the gaming experience.

Daniel Solis

He designed this site, did layout for Godwalker and was a driving force behind Meatbot Massacre, a game hosted on his own site, His other game designs can be found on

Lyda Morehouse

I met the author of Archangel Protocol at a wedding reception and bought her book because I feel sort of obligated to buy any reasonable-sounding novel from authors with whom I’ve broken bread. I bought all the sequels ‘cause they were neato. Her web page is, sensibly enough.


Mapping the internet onto physical areas is a sketchy endeavor at best, unless you’re burning “I LOVE YOU MARTHA” into your back yard with lighter fluid and then emailing Martha the coordinates for your house on Google maps. (Note well: The above was a description, not a suggestion or an endorsement.) Still, here’s a few places or place-like entities that might interest you.

North Central College

Not only did NCC provide me with my Masters’ Degree (which, believe it or not, impacts frequently on my design work), it also gave me jobs as a secretary and as a model for a poster promoting their graduate program. I don’t know if the poster is on, but if you poke around it might pop up. Probably not though.

Naperville Writer’s Group

Okay, it’s not a ‘place’ per se but it has a city in its name and the ‘Places’ section would be pretty thin without it. NWG meets every Wednesday and is an ideal destination for Chicago west suburb residents who just did not get enough text analysis in college. Come for sharp critiques, stay for some badass poetry (seriously!) and stay even later to go out drinking afterwards. Their web presence is


Mostly games and game companies, but not exclusively.

The REIGN Wiki

A lot of material that didn't fit in supplements, or that was submitted by fans, or that just
wouldn't fit anywhere else is located at so dig in and enjoy.

Project Nemesis

All things ORE are discussed and dissected at length on this spiffy site. Forums, downloads and
news — you need to register to get the swell downloads, but itÕs painless. Swing on by and see for yourself.


The official Greg Stolze Flickr page can be found here.

White Wolf Game Studios

My most frequent employer, and the one with the fanciest web page. Go to for the grotty wicked stuff I work on, or for everything else.

Unknown Armies

If you’re interested in Unknown Armies, then is the barracks.

The Forge

Here it is folks: The squirming, vital, extreme edge of gaming. Ranging from “Let’s put on a show! We can use the barn!” enthusiasm to “Screw you and the mainstream commercial stooge horse you rode in on!” elitism, it’s all here – along with some of the harshest stress-position questioning of gaming’s basic assumptions. I’m not going to claim everyone here is a pleasant and charming intellectual, because it’s an internet site. But I will claim that there’s a lot of signal, there’s a lot of DIY experience, and there are people who will take your design questions seriously. Maybe more seriously than you’d like. It’s at


All-encompassing, interesting and an excellent place to go if you want to pick a fight with a game nerd. Just type in and don’t forget to pack your dicebag.

ARC DREAM is the current crash pad for GODLIKE, punished but proud, battered but unbowed.

The Hunger Site

There are actually a series of these sites, but was the progenitor. I click ‘em every day. I’m a bleeding heart.

My Store

Well, obviously I have to link to this one more time. Just in case you forgot to buy something., for the discerning consumer. There’s books and T-shirts!

NPR Interview

"When Daniel Solis and Greg Stolze invented a game called "Meatbot Massacre," they weren't quite sure how to market it. So they decided to hold it ransom. When potential gamers had sent a total of $600 to the creators, the game was released to anyone who wanted to play it. Solis and Stolze explain their novel business model to Bob."

NPR's On The Media | Direct Link to mp3 (Requires RealPlayer)


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