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A Game from Greg Stolze

REIGN expands the frontiers of fantasy gaming by elevating the action to an international stage. Monarchs, mercenaries and merchant princes gamble armies and fortunes to win nations in a rich and vibrant fantasy setting. REIGN’s simple but complete rules model the triumphs and disasters of societies as small as a village or as large as a realm-spanning religion.

With REIGN, your characters can defend threatened nations, bring prosperity to desperate provinces, make laws and perpetuate justice… or, if you prefer, loot conquer and pillage on a vast and awesome scale.

Available Now: REIGN Enchiridion

For world-builders on a budget, REIGN Enchiridion is now available. The core engine of REIGN, alongside the essential setting construction tools from the supplements, presented in a concise, straightforward book, setting free. Also great as a compact reference for full REIGN gamers.

One Roll Does it All

Powered by a fantasy-optimized version of the One Roll Engine (or ORE) popularized by GODLIKE, NEMESIS, and Wild Talents, REIGN can take your characters from beggars to emperors. If you’re already a fan of the ORE, REIGN is familiar (though with a few interesting refinements). If it’s new to you, the ORE resolves events in delicate detail without cumbersome layers of contingent rolls. But you don’t have to take my word for it. You can read reviews from Ken Newquist, Wayne Tonjes and a variety of internet customers.

The Personal and the Political

In REIGN, the characters aren’t lone wolf strangers in strange lands, but leaders of communities, and those groups of followers can resolve large-scale conflicts against their rivals. This divide allows players to focus on the story elements they choose. If they don’t care for blow-by-blow combat, they can simply send their army to besiege an enemy stronghold. On the other hand, if they lead the attack in person, they can drastically improve the chances of success… or doom their enterprise through foolish choices. The benefits of ruling are great, but the consequences of failure are drastic.

The group-resolution rules from REIGN are self-contained and modular. It’s a simple matter to stack them on top of any other RPG system. Want a concrete way to model what happens to the city when your superheroes destroy the Cult of Moloch Triumphant? Use REIGN to stat up the city and the cult. Ever wonder who’d win if two rival government conspiraces went head to head? REIGN lets you measure their weaknesses and strengths, then test them against one another. Fantasy kingdoms, cosmic empires and secretive cabals can all be easily managed and modeled with REIGN.

A World Like No Other

The default nations of REIGN are on Heluso and Milonda, a pair of human-shaped continents (or, perhaps, continent-sized humans). An unmoving sun burns above them, dimming every evening and hosting mysterious spirits as curious about mankind as the people below are about them. The massive land-bridge of The Empire spans the sea and casts perpetual shadows on the nations it once ruled. Yet despite the wonders of the world, its rulers care less about the mind-numbing beauties of cylindrical kingdoms and mile high trees. They look upon these anomalies and wonder only how to bend them into service of their own ambition.


New Material, New Distribution

REIGN is built to grow and expand, but instead of trying to sell the setting in a fragmented and scattershot way through print books, all supplements are coming out via the Ransom Model. You won’t have to worry about whether your store carries it, you can get it as soon as anyone else and you only have to put up cash for the articles that interest you.

Read more and learn what’s up on the block at the Supplements page.


REIGN is available as a $37 softcover from Indie Press Revolution. You can also get it as a $19 PDF from IPR or RPGNOW.

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