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This page is the online home to my free fiction. Or, at least, these stories are free for you, now. They were paid for by generous fans who wanted them badly enough to pay a reasonable price through Now everyone with internet access can enjoy them as well.

If you enjoy these stories, consider keeping track of me on Twitter (@GregStolze) or on Kickstarter. That way you can get in on the next one. I try to offer enticing prizes.

Alternately, you can scroll to the very bottom of the page and pick up one of my novels, which feature morally challenged supervillains, Lovecraftian monsters, and failed love affairs. There are a couple short story collections there too.

Hey, We Got A Freebie!

While crowdfunding something entirely different, (a webcomic called A Softer Apocalypse) I promised pledgers that I would write a bonus short story if it funded. Which it did!

Special Purpose is your basic story about a nine-year-old girl living with her single dad in a blasted, postapocalyptic hellscape, but it’s OK. Her grandma has everything under control. Special Purpose shares a setting with A Softer Apocalypse, but you won’t see these characters again for a while. They matter though.

If you don’t want the PDF file at the link above you can also get Special Purpose in epub or Kindle format.



Careful, She Bites.Two girls in a psych facility share personal information. ePub File Kindle Format

The Murder Queen’s Fan Mail. A young prisoner writes to the novelist who inspired him. Special thanks to Dizzy Banjo for the prison door sound used in the podcast! ePub File Kindle Format m4a podcast mp3 podcast

Carving the Night-Dark Soil. A man with an exciting and important life tries to trade it all in for a chance to write his novel about Protestant settlers in Nebraska. It is a work of satire. Additionally, I have read this one aloud as a podcast! Hooray! ePub File Kindle Format

Kindness. A story about a man who tries to do something decent, only to have it go entirely off the rails. ePub File Kindle Format

Whatever Happened to Lala? has nothing unnatural or uncanny going on. Just unhappy. ePub File Kindle Format

Shrimp. A taciturn judo instructor unexpectedly tells a chilling story about his childhood. ePub File Kindle Format

Falling. Martial arts students try to avoid getting hurt when they lose control of themselves. ePub File Kindle Format

A Hole in the Darkness. A cop and a crook drive out in the middle of nowhere, late at night, and dig a grave. Then they try to decide who has to get in it. ePub File Kindle Format

Two Things She Does With Her Body. A piece of brief, character-driven literary fiction (meaning “neither pornography, mystery nor fantasy”) based very loosely on someone I met at the dojo. ePub File Kindle Format

These People Mean Nothing to Each Other. A rancid slice-of-life illuminating four self-absorbed pieces that fit together into something much more sinister ePub File Kindle Format

Regret, With Math. The award-winning story of love, death, choice, and multiple-universe theory. ePub File Kindle Format

Someday, Laughter. A brief thing, prompted by the detonated fiction experiment. A short, bruising story about teenage theater humiliation. ePub File Kindle Format


Fantasy Fiction

The Grey People. A Bronze Age narrative in the Lovecraft Mythos vein, featuring a grandma seeking her missing son in the company of her grandchild. ePub File Kindle Format

Unripe Fruit. In a society with strictly defined castes, concretely proscribed gender roles and rigid family expectations, how do youngsters wind up blood-covered and naked out in the forest? ePub File Kindle Format

The Doom of Swords. My first podcast experiment is imperfect, but it was free, after all. It's from the setting of REIGN. and is now available in text form in Worlds of Their Own. It has swordplay, adultery, revenge, and an incontinent donkey.


Modern Bizarre

Special Purpose. A young girl in an impoverished future finally finds out what her family has planned for her. ePub File Kindle Format

Specimens. An ambitious biologist gets a big promotion! And drugs! ePub File Kindle Format m4a podcast mp3 podcast

NECROCHROME. If you had a cell phone that could text with the dead, what secrets would you seek out? Which would you try to cover up? ePub File Kindle Format

How to Make a Book Safe. Is it better to believe or deny? Does it matter if the deity you consider exists or not? What if it makes perfect sense... and is unspeakably vile? ePub File Kindle Format

The Turning of the Time. A SWITCHFLIPPED-like narrative about time control, choices not made, and the dangerous combination of senility and firearms. ePub File Kindle Format

TRANSMIT. A far more plausible narrative about contacting aliens, the risks, the rewards, and the difficulty of telling them apart. ePub File Kindle Format

7 and 7. The novella sequel to SWITCHFLIPPED has Kung Fu, despair, and pillow talk on index cards. ePub File Kindle Format

Emily Speaks. A bit of near-future fiction concerning the monetization of a woman’s voice. ePub File Kindle Format

ENZYMES. He thinks he used to be human, but the question is, what does that mean for him and his mission? Also available as a splendid podcast! ePub File Kindle Format

A Wind at the Window. A story of icy calculation, burning revenge, and mysterious death set in Finland. ePub File Kindle Format

In the Blindness of the Glare. As part of the Ardwin ransom, I agreed to write a story incorporating ten elements demanded by donors of $50 or more. Here is that story. It is not tidy, but hopefully fun. (One element was that I had to include myself as a character. Otherwise, I don’t do that.) ePub File Kindle Format

Zombis Blanc. If anyone could possibly deserve to be chased, manhandled, drugged, beaten, drugged again and forced to toil for jeering captors, it’s the protagonists of this story. It’s set in the slave revolt of 1791 and based on medical fact. ePub File Kindle Format

Icke. Have you ever wondered what a school shooter with fish telepathy would be like? The answer I came up with was far more grim than would have expected. ePub File Kindle Format

A Long, Romantic Weekend. The wreckage of my first attempt to ransom fiction, which ran aground on the reefs of long-form uncertainty. I had a lot of fun writing this, though. The first time major characters get introduced, you get a catalogue of their body scars. It also features a car crash, impromptu surgery, and a tornado. As you might surmise, the title is ironic. ePub File Kindle Format

Ghosts: The Straight Dope. Reluctant as I am to write stories about writers, this one also has possession, cruel magic, epic halitosis and oh so much alcohol. ePub File Kindle Format

Mask of the Other In Print, e-Book and Audio

Mask of the Other is a military science-horror novel that builds on the works of H.P. Lovecraft. A squad of US soldiers steals the centerpiece of Saddam’s occult weapons program in 1991 and just gets deeper and deeper into the horrors of the Cthulhu mythos. Read more about it here, including a free sample chapter. Or you can check out its first review!

The unabridged novel is now available as a $21.95 audiobook on iTunes or through for $24.95.


Heh. See, that’s got a double meaning, because the book’s narrator goes by ‘Sinner’ and a major concern of the plot is whether he’s in jail or out. He’s a supervillain, you see, and he turns himself in, submitting to a cage that couldn’t hold him.

Why does he do this? Is he genuinely penitent or is it part of some sinister master plot? That’s the meat of the story, and thanks to my generous supporters, you can now buy the book and explore the mystery.

You can buy it for Kindle on Amazon. You can get it in several e-book formats at DriveThruFiction.’s print-on-demand service can sell you a softcover or a hardback, depending on your budget and preference. Or you can just read more about it at goodreads or on Rachel Neumeier’s blog.

For Sale: Dead Trees

Dead Trees collects most of the stories on this page in a $15.00 softcover book. If you want to a preview, um... just read them right below. Now you can enjoy them in a battery-free, platform agnostic, easily loanable tangible form!


My novel, SWITCHFLIPPED is available right now -- click that link and you could be reading it in mere minutes after buying it from Ghostwoods Books, a new Fair Trade Publishing initiative from British publisher Tim Dedopulous. If you prefer waiting and having tangible objects, SWITCHFLIPPED is now available as a bound volume.


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