Like Power? Hate Responsibility?


Executive Decision is a white-knuckle game of political decisionmaking and brinksmanship set in the Oval Office. Players take on the roles of the President and his top advisors, then plunge into the middle of a crisis demanding leadership.

Real Time

Events in Executive Decision are resolved without recourse to dice, bidding, cards or other random elements: It all boils down to your ability to argue and persuade. The fate of the nation may rest in your hands... if you can only sway the Chief Executive with your words.

Watch what you say! The clock is ticking and the Presidential team has limited time before the hour of decision arrives.


The game depends on your skill, but also on your guile. The President's advisors all have their private agendas, both open and hidden. Once the emergency is resolved, there will be winners and losers... just like real life. (Because the buck stops with the President, he can't win... also like real life.)

Real Talent

Executive Decision includes crisis scenarios from top RPG designers D. Vincent Baker, Dennis Detwiller, Ron Edwards, and Chad Underkoffler, each bringing situations more tense and plot twists more thrilling than the last. Layout and design are by Daniel Solis, bringing the excellence you've come to expect from this web page.

Real Results

You can't buy Executive Decision, but you can get it for free for thanks to the Ransom Method. Best of all, 100% of the funds raised by Executive Decision went to the Red Cross to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Yes, Already! Give Me The Game!

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