Hi. My name is Greg Stolze, this is my web page, and I write books.

Locked Up Is Unlocked!

For some time now, I have been soliciting funds to underwrite the public release of short stories. You can see the many results at this link and I am pleased to announce the release of three new titles.

Careful, She Bites is about two girls, Ashley and Jody, who are in a locked-door ward and their contentious interactions. The link above is for the PDF. You can also get it as an epub or optimized for Kindle

The second story, The Murder Queen’s Fan Mail, is a locked room mystery. If you found someone locked in a bathroom with a towel stuffed in the crack under the door, suffocated by mixing bleach and ammonia, would you think it was murder? That’s the mystery at the center of a short tale told through letters between the writer who came up with the fatal technique, the troubled young man who tried it in real life, and the detective who caught him. In addition to the PDF above and the epub and azw3 versions, you can get it as a podcast, in m4a and mp3 versions.

Moreover, there’s a bonus story, science-horror in the Lovecraft vein, called Specimens that explores the intersection of cutting edge research and ancient Mythos awfulness. That one, too, is available as a PDF above, and also epub, azw3, mp3 podcast, or m4a. You can thank the stretch goal pledgers for that one!

Also, particular thanks to Dizzy Banjo for the prison door sound used in the Murder Queen podcast.

The Dangers of Fraternization

I wrote a film noir game called A Dirty World, and Caleb Stokes (the brains and the looks behind Hebanon Games) went and wrote a scenario for it set in partition-era Berlin. That scenario, The Dangers of Fraternization, sets Russians, Americans and Germans on the trail of a murder mystery. But is solving it more important than stopping one another? (PCs for The Dangers of Fraternization can be downloaded here.

Thanks, Caleb!

At Last, MASK OF THE OTHER Is On Audiobook!

First and foremost, if you’re unfamiliar with Mask of the Other, you can click this link here and read the sell text. Short version, it’s a Lovecraftian science-horror novel about the wreckage of Saddam Hussein’s occult weapons program, private military companies, and what armies do with enemies they can’t kill.

When I started the Kickstarter to make Mask of the Other into an audiobook, I underestimated how long it would take ACX to check the files and approve them. But all that is in the past now! If you search my name on iTunes, you can find and purchase the full, unabridged audiobook of Mask of the Other, and at least the backers have been loving it.

You can purchase it right now over your internet box at, or possibly even get it free by taking a trial membership. (I believe I get a bounty for people who sign up to buy my book as their first purchase, but don’t let that influence you.)

SINNER is Now Available!

Not only that, but people like it!

The early adopters have gotten their copies, and their responses have been gratifyingly positive. If you have any interest in superheroes, supervillains, or smartass jailbirds trapped in a crazy world they never made, this could be the book for you.

Some SINNER-relevant links include the following:

A lovely in-depth review by Rachel Neumeier is a good first stop if you still aren’t clear on what the novel’s about or 100% sold on it.

Its Amazon page has more reviews and the opportunity to buy it for Kindle.

DriveThruFiction offers it in several formats for the same price.

If you crave the heft of a printed tome, you can order a print-on-demand version through

There’s also a spiffy hardback, if that’s your preference.

Then, once you buy and read and enjoy it, you can make comments on its goodreads page.

Thanks again to everyone who backed it!


This was a long time time coming and, going by the reviews, worth the wait. BETTER ANGELS is my new supervillain RPG, out now courtesy of ARC DREAM publishing. The ARC DREAM site has a ton of promo material, art previews, links to those glowing reviews, and (most important) the opportunity to buy it. I’ll leave the heavy marketing at those links, but if you’ve ever wanted to twirl your mustache while cackling over a helpless do-gooder, you really owe it to yourself to check out BETTER ANGELS.

Dinosaurs... in Spaaace!

If you like rockets, time travel, cheap laughs or all of the above you can buy Dinosaurs... in Spaaace! from IPR, with the PDF bundled free if that sort of thing appeals to you. Customers who prefer electronic files can get it both from IPR and from RPGNOW.

Breaking news! A review, it is in!

More Timely Updates

If you have gotten sick of waiting on my intermittent updates here, I don’t blame you one bit. If you want to hear about my projects and updates via email, send me your address and I’ll put you on a notification list. Just between you, me and the Internet, there might be opportunities for some special offers on there, too.

A Reasonable Set of Links

At some point I will redo this web site, but for the time being here’s the duct-tape fix: Links here in the body text to things that really ought to be buttons up top.

My fiction library.

The REIGN Home Page.

Me on Twitter.

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If This Is Your First Time...

In addition to the many companies that have employed me, I also self-published a few books, partially as an experiment, partially out of laziness. If lazy experimentalism sounds appealing (rather than appalling) here are some links.

Scary Face, my short story collection, is now available as a .pdf.

GODWALKER, a novel tied in to the game Unknown Armies.

These People Mean Nothing To Each Other is another distribution experiment, this one in charitable fundraising via hard-boiled fiction.



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